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Grades 6-8

Come to know God, work hard, play strong,

serve well, and become your best!


Each grade level has one homeroom teacher within a departmentalized system. Middle school teachers each have a curriculum area of concentration within the core subjects.  In grades 6-8 there is usually less than a 22:1 student to teacher ratio.


Religion: Students will master doctrinal concepts of the Catholic faith, be involved in the Liturgical Year and the Life of the Church; study the Old Testament (6th); the New Testament (7th) and the Sacraments and the History of the Church (8th). Grade 8 takes the National ACRE Catholic Doctrine of Faith Exam.

Math: 6th & 7th grade will solidify their understanding of working with fractions, decimals, percents, and integer operations including positive and negative numbers. 8th grade will study linear functions, graphing, solving equations, and inequalities for high school Algebra1.

Science: Using the Scientific Method, students will use labs to test hypothesis, collect and analyze data, and form conclusions. Laboratory procedures, observations, measurements, classification, prediction, and reporting skills will be used. Strong math and reading skills are important and projects are required.

Social Studies: Using World History (6), Texas History (7), and U.S. History (8) emphasis will be placed on critical and evaluative thinking skills, essay writing, interpretation, and historical knowledge. Historical chronology, data, and interpretation of documents will be used to support arguments or positions. Students will work together to produce projects or solve problems.

Language Arts: Literature courses will focus on comprehension and critical thinking as well as oral presentations using short stories, novels, poetry, and informational texts. Grammar and Writing courses will focus on vocabulary and language acquisition in the composition of sentences, paragraphs, stories, and essays.

Spanish: A 3-year course (grades 6-8) is designed to introduce students to the Spanish language and culture. Students will develop skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Major emphasis is on vocabulary. Students will move from regular verbs in the present tense to irregular verbs in the present and preterit, as well as imperfect and future tense by the end of grade 8.

Technology and Computer Literacy: Students will be able to apply technical skills to design and manage spreadsheets that track or monitor information; produce Office Suite publications to creatively and properly represent information, use the internet and books to research and properly document all types of information for electronic or paper presentations, reports, and pamphlets using MLA format in order to strengthen individual performance for secondary and post secondary education.

Physical Education: Classes will focus on motor skills, following directions, sportsmanship, and fair play using different sports activities.


We provide a safe and friendly environment that focuses on academic achievement as well as personal development. Our middle school curriculum is enhanced by conflict resolution and problem-solving skills using the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, the Theology of the Body for Middle School students, and a bullying prevention program.

Life Skills

Reading, Comprehension, and Writing: Doing research and writing essays, reports, and research papers

Time Management: setting goals, being prepared, planning multi-step projects, multi-tasking, and prioritizing

Communication: Presenting and explaining reports, projects, and serving as lectors in the Liturgy; as well as being a good audience

Ethics Understanding: Learning about plagiarism and the importance of crediting sources and citations

Leadership Skills: planning, organizing, and being in charge of events, synergizing with others to accomplish tasks, learning decision making, being held accountable, mutual respect for others, providing feedback to teachers and administration, and problem solving