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Grades Kinder - 5th

Jesus loves us through the exciting moments of growing up!


All elementary grades have one self-contained classrooms per grade level with usually less than a 22:1 student to teacher ratio in grades K-5.


The elementary school curriculum includes Religion, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts, which encompasses grammar, reading, spelling and phonics. Students also receive specialized instruction in Spanish (for non-Spanish speakers), Computer & Technology Literacy, Library, Music, Art, and Physical Education. Our curricular transitions are aligned to prepare students for each succeeding grade level.

Sacred Heart Catholic School provides an atmosphere of Catholic community that nourishes the gift of faith and encourages our students to live a life of Christian witness and service, through our example of love and service to others. 


We provide a safe and friendly environment that focuses on academic achievement as well as personal development. The academic programs of the school are further supported by conflict resolution and problem-solving skills using the 7 Habits of Happy Kids, and a bullying prevention program that teaches students about human relationships and God’s plan.

Life Skills

Reading, Comprehension, and Writing: Daily reading, researching a topic, writing about it, and explaining what was read

Time Management: setting goals, being prepared, planning small projects, multi-tasking, and prioritizing

Communication: Presenting and explaining mathematical thinking, science projects, projects, and serving as lectors at Holy Mass; as well as being a good listener

Ethics Understanding: Learning about plagiarism and the importance of crediting sources and citations at all times as well as navigating the web safely

Leadership and Social Skills: synergizing with others to accomplish tasks, learning decision making, being held accountable, mutual respect for others, cleaning up and leaving things as you found them or better, and problem solving


First Holy


All baptized, Catholic 2nd graders in SHS will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and First Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion) in May as part of the regular 2nd grade Religion curriculum.  

Enroll your child in our Kinder and 1st Grade programs to ensure that your child receives this precious gift from God without delay.

There will be Sacramental Preparation for Catholic children in grades 3rd-8th who have not yet received these sacraments.

**Please see the Principal about making arrangements for these extra classes by September.