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We value our parents as the first teachers of their children and we work to create a home-school partnership with our families. We are here to assist you in raising your child in a loving and caring environment.

Bring your child to L.I.F.E.

Living In a Faith-filled Environment

We are the only Catholic school in Del Rio, Texas where your child can grow, thrive, and excel in the Catholic faith from pre-kinder through 8th grade. Our Catholic faith is integrated into each class and students are able to speak freely about God in all their classes.

Your child will:

  • attend weekly Mass
  • have the opportunity to participate as a Lector for Holy Mass (children in grades 1-8)
  • become an altar server (children in grades 3-8)
  • sing in the choir and learn worship songs
  • receive CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) instruction every day of the week
  • participate in devotions, prayer, and prayer services
  • receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist (known as Holy Communion) in grades 2-8
  • learn to share their time, talents, and treasures with others through our SHS service projects
  • demonstrate their knowledge in the Catholic faith as students in grades 5 and 8 when they take the National A.C.R.E.  Test (Assessment of Catholic Religious Education)

Our atmosphere also promotes, guides, and encourages the following priceless skills:

  • Developing faith, hope, and love
  • Respectful attitudes and good manners
  • Being truthful
  • Being trustworthy
  • Being and doing your personal best
  • Promoting kindness and service to others
  • Practicing “ Service before Self”
  • Standing up for others
  • Learning to solve problems
  • Learning habits that are effective
  • Forgiving others and learning to ask for forgiveness
  • Using active listening skills
  • Not putting others down

Your child will be offered a wide array of activities in which to participate to strengthen their self-confidence and their faith throughout the year.  We are here to help your child grow independently, to make the best choices, and to learn from the choices they make.

If God is leading you to our school, then trust God and may His will be done.